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The editor for this volume was George D. Martin.


Table of Contents

Vol. 31 No. 1 Spring 2007
Letter from the State President 1
Letter from the Editor and Editorial Board Members 2
Charles Alden (1819-1888), a 19th Century Industrialist of Ashland, Mass. 3
Lewezer Taft's Bible: Easterbrooks, Bates Family, Dudley & Webster, Mass. and Union, Conn. 12
MASSOG Submission Guidelines 15
The English Origin of Isaac & Charles Stearns of Watertown, Mass. [continued] 17
Some of the Descendants of Nathaniel Packard, a Native of Bridgewater, Mass. and an Early Settler of Lebanon, N.H., continued 24
La. Law and Marriage of Separated Couples, Pierre Laclede and Wife, Marie Chouteau 27
Nathaniel Gordon of Dunstable, Massachusetts 28
The Donald Lines Jacobus Award 29
Massachusetts Strays 30
Board Members 32
Guidelines for M.S.O.G. Research inside back cover
Massachusetts Genealogical Council Seminar back cover
Vol. 31 No. 2 Summer 2007
Letter from the State President 33
A Mystery: Percival Joseph Cameron of Scotland, Mass., Maine and New York 34
Sturbridge, Massachusetts – Exploring the Mind of the Town: Essays by Brian Burns 46
The 1725 Will of Abigail Brown, of Concord, Massachusetts, Sheds Light on the Family of Isaac Hill of Malden as well as the Ballard and Wheat Families 47
The Bible of Thomas Dennie of Boston, Massachusetts 53
The English Origin of Isaac & Charles Stearns of Watertown, Mass. [continued] 58
Massachusetts Strays 63
Board Members 64
M.S.O.G. Annual Meeting inside back cover
Directions to Annual Meeting back cover
Vol. 31 Issue3 Fall-Winter 2007
Letter from the State President 65
Editor's Letter and Editorial Board Members 66
Searching for William Reed of Sterling, Mass. 67
Some web sites of interest 71, 81, 86
M.S.O.G. Guidelines for Research Reports 72
Beatrice Eldora Jepson (1880-1970) of Boston, Massachusetts 73
M.S.O.G. Treasurer's Report 2007 82
Submission Guidelines 83
FamilySearch Indexing and FamilySearch Labs 85
M.S.O.G. State Officers 87
Index 88
Massachusetts Genealogical Council 96


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