October 24 – Welcome to the Graveyard – Brenda Sullivan

This program is directly aimed at genealogists and how they can learn to ‘read’ the cemetery for clues and information.  Using both direct observation and deductive reasoning from objects such as the writing, art, geology and the cemetery landscape, much new insight can be revealed.  That new insight can answer questions, create new inquiries and open doors for further detective work.  Many genealogists use the cemetery as a cursory resource, some haven’t tapped it at all.  My program will get them looking at these spaces, both old and new, as a valuable resource for their data collection activities!

About the Speaker: The Gravestone Girls’ mission is to “Keep Our Dead Alive!”  We create decorative artwork using the beautiful and primitive images carved on olde New England gravestones; give lectures on cemetery art, history and symbolism as well as teach gravestone rubbing classes!  Our work aims to entertain and educate on the historical perspective of old cemeteries by documenting and preserving the beautiful art they contain.