January 23- Michael McClellan, ArkivDigital for Swedish Research

Michael McClellan

What exactly is ArkivDigital and what types of records are available? Do I need to read or speak Swedish to use ArkivDigital? How do I trace my family and find my distant relatives in Sweden? All these questions will be answered in the webinar.

About the Speaker: Michael McClellan is a professional genealogist and Treasurer for MSOG, Inc. He has completed the Boston University course in Genealogical Research in 2016. He has deep roots in the U.S. on both sides of his family. His mother’s side were among the first settlers of Newbury, MA and his father’s side were direct descendants of Mayflower passenger, John Alden. He first became interested in genealogy in 2006 after finding out at his grandmother’s wake that she was proud of the fact that she was related to Nathan Hale, who was a distant cousin.