Vol. 39 No. 1, 2014-2015
President’s Report 1
State Officers, Directors, Editorial Board, and Contact Information 3
John Woollacott of Atherington, Devonshire, England, Patriarch of the Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Woollacotts 4
Strong-Minded and with Good Common Sense: The Fairbank and Parker Women of Harvard, Mass., and Acworth, N. H. 17
Announcing MSOG’s Legacy QuickGuide for Massachusetts 27
Uncovering the Mystery of Daniel Shea’s Parents of Cork, Ireland, and Fall River, Massachusetts 28
Book Review: Guide to Genealogical Writing 34
Elections as a Genealogical Source 35
Vol. 39 No. 2 2014-2015
President’s Report 39
State Officers, Directors, Editorial Board, and Contact Information 40
Massachusetts Civil War Veterans in the GAR, Department of Oregon 41
Rossier: Through DNA, from Switzerland to Canada, Vermont, and Mass. 48
Honoring Life and Long-Term Members 55
The Identity of Jonathan Gleason, Resident of Worcester, Massachusetts, 1748–1756 57 57
Identifying the Parents of Henry Todd of Medford, Massachusetts (1783–1829) 65 65
Do You Have Ancestors from England? English County Names 73 73
Massachusetts Probate Records Are Gradually Coming Online 74 74
Top Ten Reasons to Join the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, Inc. 75 75
MSOG’s Legacy QuickGuide™ for Massachusetts: Get Your Copy at NERGC 2015! 76
Vol. 39 No. 3 2014-2015
President’s Report 77
State Officers, Directors, Editorial Board, and Contact Information 79
Three Women Named Deborah Bowers of Groton, Massachusetts 80
Nehemiah White of Weymouth, Chesterfield, Becket, and Williamsburg, Massachusetts 85
William Annetts, Foreigner, of Southborough, Massachusetts (Part 1) 90
The Death of Betty (Hosley) Shattuck: A Problem in Pepperell, Mass., Vital Records 101
MSOG Writing Contest Rules for 2016 102
Index 104
MSOG Webinar Rollout 112
2015 Annual Meeting and Program 113
Directions to the Marlborough Country Club 114