Vol. 32 No. 1 Spring 2008
Letter of the State President 1
Elizabeth Tracy, Wife of Daniel West of Lee and Lenox, Massachusetts and Daughter of Thomas Tracy of Connecticut and Massachusetts 3
Inside "The Mind of the Town…" —Sturbridge, Massachusetts-- Time and Change 1842-1865 and Bend in the Road 1866-1888 10
The Will of Abigail Dudley, Daughter of Joseph Dudley3 of Concord, Massachusetts 13
The English Origin of Moses1 Cleveland, of Woburn, Massachusetts 22
Musings of a 2007 Mayflower Pilgrim, in England and Holland 27
Massachusetts Strays 30
Annual Meeting 32
M.S.O.G. State Officers 33
Editor's Letter 34
Editorial Board Members 34
Vol. 32 No. 2 Summer 2008
Letter of the State President 35
Editor's Letter 36
Elizabeth Kelton, wife of Bernice Granger of Pittsfield, Mass. 37
Book Reviews – Baker and Hartwell 39
Hints—-Wring Up Your Family History 40
The Bradley Family and the Boston Tea Party 41
Will of Abigail Dudley, Daughter of Joseph Dudley3 of Concord, Mass. 48
Doubts about the English Origins of Edward Winn, of Concord, Mass. 57
State Officers of the Board of Directors 59
English Origin of the Brooks Family of Concord, Mass. 60
Massachusetts Strays 65
Annual Meeting 67
Annual Meeting Driving Directions 68
Vol. 32 No. 3 Winter 2008
Letter from the State President 69
Editor's Letter 70
Susannah Pratt, daughter of Thomas Gleason of Middlesex Co., Massachusetts 71
English Origin of Grace Cunliffe, wife of Thomas Brooks of Concord, Massachusetts 73
Treasurer's Report 2008 76
Tillinghasts in America, First Four Generations of Providence, R.I., wins Jacobus Award 77
Bertha, Margretha and Catharina Bräsch, of Schonberg, Holstein to Davenport, Iowa, Cynthia Winterhalter's second place writing contest winner 78
Are Your Confusing or Missing Days in Your Genealogy? 90
Index 92
The Worcester South District Registry of Deeds 100
MASSOG Editorial Board 100
State Officers and Board of Directors 101
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