Vol. 47 No. 1, 2022–2023
President's Letter 1
State Officers, Directors, Editorial Board, and Contact Information 2
2022 MASSOG Writing Contest Winners 3
Joseph McGinniss of Wellesley, Norfolk County, Massachusetts: 1918 Pandemic Death of a Promising Boston Architect 4
An Identity and Family for Jonathan Warren (1799–1875) of Grafton, Worcester County, Massachusetts: Who Were Jonathan Warren and His Family? 13
Barre, Massachusetts: Historic and Otherwise / Barre’s First Three Ministers 21
Who Was Liberty Wood Who Married Sarah Warrin, Soon After 28 March 1818 in Grafton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts? 29
With Gratitude to Our Editor, George Martin 34
NERGC 2023: Missing Branches Are Not the End of the Line 35
Vol. 47 No. 2, 2022–2023
President's Letter 39
State Officers, Directors, Editorial Board, and Contact Information 40
Born into the Life: Amato Santaniello (1921–1964), Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts Mafia Family Member 41
Bertha Belle (Bassett) Dix: A Year (or so) in the Life of the Rollin Bassett Family of Greenfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts 51
In Determination of the Dates and Locations for Death of James and Mehitable (Bixby) Haven of Framingham, Massachusetts 64
Robert J. Tarte Research Binder Project 73
MSOG Annual Meeting 2023 76
Vol. 47 No. 3, 2022–2023
President's Letter 77
State Officers, Directors, Editorial Board, and Contact Information 78
From Eastern Poland to Western Massachusetts: The Genesis of an American Family, Stanisłaus Rosemarynoski and Rosalie Bruderik of Northampton, Massachusetts 79
The Fourth Wife of Samuel Greele of Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 92
Several Generations of Methodist Ministers of the Gloucester, Massachusetts, Bray Family Who Preached in Maine, Rhode Island, and New Jersey 96
Index 108
MSOG Chapter Officers 113
The 2023 Annual Meeting Is Two Meetings in One! 114