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Use this website, to get more information about a historical marker you see, or simply to view all the historical markers in a particular area. Free registration is required for use. Photographs are requested on some pages but are typically clear and easy to read.
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Did you find an interesting old book in the New England Historic Genealogical Society online catalog? Before visiting the library in person always check to see if a digital copy is already online. Just cut and paste the title of the book into your favorite search engine. You may find the book is available on Google Books, the Internet Archive or other sites where out-of-copyright books have been scanned and digitized. This works for any library catalog, saves a trip to the library, and gives you instant access! Pamela Guye Holland 26 April 2016
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There are seventeen law libraries in Massachusetts that allow you to borrow materials and access some very expensive legal databases, like Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw, and HeinOnline, some from home. The locations are: Barnstable Brockton Dedham Fall River Fitchburg Greenfield Lawrence Lowell New Bedford Northampton Pittsfield Plymouth Salem Springfield Taunton Woburn Worcester To get a card you must apply in person but you do not have to be a Massachusetts resident. You need to bring a photo identification with your home address. You will receive a permanent card in a week or so. See their website at for a registration form you can print out and details on their databases. Margaret Fortier August 21, 2014
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View the image for each record you find. Don’t accept the transcription with your hints. I find that there is much more information on the image/page to offer. Examples: Census- list street or rural, surrounding neighbors, income, It doesn’t always add the “cousins” listed in the household on the transcription, the servant or boarder may later become a relative;[1880 US Census Ancestry Family Tree for the Nicholson family (always check the page before and after.) 1880 census snip Newspapers- usually list the name but not the Mrs. before the name or others in the photo [example from Portland news for My Heritage hint for Arnold Bibber. It was his wife who was Viola Hutchins.]Hutchins Viola Bibber 1949 Sep 18 Portland newspaper Arnold OCR recognition also is open to incorrect spellings checking the document will verify if it is the person/s you are looking for. Reading or looking at the image, transcription versus the image when possible will clarify and offer much information for your family research. Submitted by June Stearns Butka May 4, 2016
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How To Find Your Relative’s Image in His SAR Membership Application on Has This Happened To You? My Great grandfather’s Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) membership application is on Every time I click on the image of my Great grandfather, Elmer E. Stevens’ SAR membership application, I see an error. I see 2 full pages, side by side. The page on the right shows my Great grandfather, Elmer E. Stevens. However, the image on the left, is for another man, during a different time period. Steps to follow What have I done about this problem? Well for over the past year, I have periodically reported to Ancestry that the image is wrong. I have never seen a change and never received an answer. Do what I learned at the 2013 Day, Boston, MA? I WAS TOLD TO TURN THE PAGE! So if you come across something that has 2 images side by side, do not assume it is a single document, it may be pages in a book! Submitted by Karen Trearchis
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Why use Family Tree in FamilySearch? Pros: Why use Family Tree? It will be around as long as we have the Internet. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) was founded 176 years ago and is committed to maintaining the website. You can find relatives (though you need to verify them). It’s easy to attach sources and you can find sources others have cited. You can write explanations in “Notes.” You can attach an unlimited number of photos, documents, stories, and even audio files. If you clean it up, fix other people’s errors and even explain why, that will be a great service to others. You can often contact other submitters. It’s FREE. Cons: Other people can change your stuff, so you will probably still want to have your own personal database. You can’t GEDCOM your tree in. It would create too many duplicates. But you can send your file to “Pedigree Resource File.” See Hints for working in Family Tree Look for duplicates and merge them. Don’t delete them!!! Use standard dates and places (unless you want to include more detail, like a cemetery name). Notice the “help” button in the upper right corner. Don’t hesitate to call or email for help. Submitted by Helen Ullmann Middlesex Chapter 2020
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